“Fitness has never been this easy........or this "tuff"!! The first week made me a believer in TuffGirl's intense 30-minute workouts. I could tell a difference in my physical strength in two weeks and my clothes fit better in just three weeks! I've had a noticeable limp from hip issues and weak leg muscles after surgery years ago.....it is almost imperceptible now. I actually look forward to getting out of bed (uggh!) to workout under the stars at 6AM. Julie is a true professional who makes fitness fun. We didn't repeat the same routine the entire 8 weeks, yet the activities are easy enough for a first-timer to jump right into. If you've "tried it all" without good results, I urge you to try one more time with Julie.” 
Brenda Peters
AKA - TuffGirl for Life

"Looking for a friendly class that can help you improve your strength, mobility and balance???, Julie's half-hour boot camp is a perfect solution. I've been going three times a week for 10 months and the class has changed my body and given me a fitness habit. Even though I'm not at my ideal weight, I feel agile, with more energy and capability to go all day through my busy life. Every part of my body is stronger and I move more easily. We have fun and encourage each other. Thank you Julie and fellow bootcampers! " Mary Eberle



Since I have been in boot camp for the past nine months, I have lowered my blood pressure, stopped my bone loss, and reversed it. I am more flexible, have a higher energy level, and feel very confident with my level of strength now. I think I also look better! 



I began Tuff Girl Boot Camp in March of this year, 1 year after being diagnosed with cancer.  After a year of treatments and being a couch potato I was ready to get back into shape and start moving again.  I started slow and at times felt like I wouldn't be able to keep up with the other ladies but I kept on.  I started with no weights or 5 lbs at the most and I now regularly use 10-15 lb weights, depending on the exercise.  I'm not great at self motivation so Tuff Girl is perfect for me.  The small class size, individual attention and Julie's follow up keeps me coming back.  Eight months into the program I am completely hooked and talk it up to anyone who will listen.  People have started to notice I'm slimming down a bit, nothing earth shattering but clothes are fitting better and I've just recently gotten back into clothes I couldn't wear 2 years ago. 

Kate L.


"I am Tuff Girl Boot Camper, and I am a boy (well, a man in his 30's to be precise). I am a new dad to a 2 year old, and so the last couple of years I had completely fallen off the exercise bandwagon as a result of which I am out of shape, packed on more than a few pounds, and gotten erratic in my eating habits. I have been attending the Tuff Girl Boot Camp run by Julie Sawyer for the past 2 months, and I can't say enough good things about it. The best thing about it is the fact that it is run by an absolutely well informed, passionate, energetic, professional trainer like Julie Sawyer. I have noticed that Julie was initially gentle with us in terms of her expectations and the pace she sets for the 30 minute sessions. But ever so subtly she keeps nudging us to get more and more done as we, as a group, get more in tune with the idea of the boot camp. The fact that it is only 30 minutes, 3 times a day makes it easy to fit it into my schedule.The group setting is a great motivator. I have definitely started feeling better physically already. I have gotten increasingly conscious about what I eat. I sleep better, not more, just wake up rested better. I feel like my clothes fit me better. I feel a lot more nimble, and energetic playing with my son, and running after him. If you have always wanted to exercise regularly, and are looking to get a start, Tuff Girl Boot Camp is the place to be"

The Bootcamp wouldn’t be Bootcamp without Julie Sawyer.  She is an inspiration to us all with her own commitment to living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Each workout is unique, addresses the whole body, and is adjusted to fit your needs.  Julie will work with you on individual issues such as previous injuries and physical limitations, giving you special attention not found in other group classes.  I personally have neck and upper back problems and Julie has worked closely with me to make sure to tweak exercises during each and every class to my specific needs.
Not only do we work out, but we also get terrific guidance on eating habits and a holistic approach to achieving our transformation goals.  This is done through a personally-guided tour of a local grocery store to show us how to shop for healthier foods, as well as numerous hints and helps through email.  This kind of consistent follow-through is rare to find and I, for one, have been grateful for Julie’s ability to keep it going!  
Julie M.


I have been taking Julie’s class  3 days a week for close to  a year.  During that time I can honestly say that I have never taken the same class twice.  I am still challenged in every class.   Julie has taught me a lot about fitness and nutrition.  She periodically checks in with me to make sure she is doing everything she can to help me with my goals.  I think Julie is a great trainer.  She has also become a great friend.
Julie C.



I have never been as confident as I am now. I wear the tighter fit jeans b/c I know I have worked very hard to do so. My husband doesn't complain about it either.

Stacey C.



 I have been a “boot camper” since August and I absolutely love it!   The workouts are challenging, fun and unexpected.  Julie is a sweetheart
She is also is a pro at working with your particular needs.   She is very patient and a great trainer.    I am so glad I saw the Lake Wylie newspaper
article back in July.   Thank you Julie for all you do for me and for others.
Leah D.