Fall Transformation Contest Starts in October! 

Do you need some social support and accountability to accomplish your goals?  Do you need encouragement, or do you need someone to show you how to workout effectively?   Are you motivated to make a change, or do you need a little extra motivation to make those changes?  

    There will be a free Transformation Contest for area residents, offered by Tuff Girl Bootcamps at The Palisades Sports Complex, to inspire and motivate those who are ready to make a change.  The contest will run from October 3rd through November 18th, and rewards will be given out to the top 3 contestants.  Those interested can learn more by attending a free, short orientation on Thursday, September 29th at 7:30 PM at the Palisades Sports Complex.  

What is it: The 49-Day Fall Transformation Contest is a 7 week FREE contest to help people change their bodies, lose fat, and build muscle in a short time period.

  The goal is to help motivate men and women to start an exercise and nutrition program so that they can experience rapid results.

  Those in the contest will take “before photos” and write a “before” essay to summarize what changes they want to see and how they feel about themselves and their life right now.  Then at the end of the   Transformation period they’ll take an “after” photo and write an “after” essay summarizing their results and how they feel at the end of the contest.  

When: The next Transformation contest starts on Monday October 3rd and is open to all men and women over 18 years old.  Each contestant must have before measurements taken and must take a “before” picture. (1 from the side and 1 front the front is preferable.  Also remember that the winner and runner-up of this contest must be willing to share this information on our website, so be sure to take your pictures in something you don’t mind sharing with the public!  A well fitted t-shirt will do…just don’t put on a lot of baggy stuff because then you won’t be able to see the changes as well)

  The end date will be Friday, November 18th.  You must then take your “after” picture and come in for your official weigh-in that week and turn in your “after” paragraph. 

  Depending on media cooperation and involvement, you may be asked to give a quote for the newspaper or possibly be interviewed on the radio if you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the contest. 

Transformation Contest Winners Announced

Contact – Julie Sawyer, 803-984-0714

May 18, 2010- On February 7th, fifteen local men and women took the transformation challenge offered through Tuff Girl Bootcamps.  Each of these contestants had the opportunity to attend regular small group fitness classes for 3 months and  be held accountable through weekly weigh-ins and short coaching sessions.   

Although all contestants started with a high level of motivation and good intentions, there was a typical rate of attrition over the 3 month period of the contest.  Out of the fifteen people who started, only 8 contestants finished the 3 months of grueling bootcamp-style classes.  The average weight lost for the top 5 finishers was 15 pounds.  

Congratulations to the following top 5 finishers:  Krissy Garback, Linda Eggers, Laura Lee, Ed Bailey, and Felicia Russell.  Krissy Garback came in 1st place in the contest by percentage of weight lost, losing 14 pounds, 4 inches from her waist, and 2 ½ inches off her hips.  Linda Eggers persisted and finished second place in the contest, losing almost 16 pounds, while Laura Lee lost almost 18 pounds and a total of 9 inches combined in her hips and waist. 

Contest winner Krissy Garback was elated to hear the news that she had won the 3-month long contest.  Garback is a mother of two who felt that she needed the added motivation that she couldn’t seem to muster on her own.  Garback exclaimed, “Not only did these classes make me conscious of what I ate, they gave me more self-confidence than I have had in years!She is grateful for the experience, loves the workouts, and now feels that there is no excuse to miss the class. 

Garback will be continuing the bootcamp workouts and has won 3 more free months of classes as winner of the contest.  Linda Eggers won 2 free months as runner-up, and Laura Lee will be rewarded one free month for her 3rd place finish.  Congratulations to the eight dedicated and disciplined individuals who finished the contest. They all did a great job taking advantage of the opportunity that they had in changing their lives.  

Summer Transformation Contest Boosts Results for Participants


On July 26th, thirty Lake Wylie residents of all ages took the plunge to participate in the free Transformation Contest, sponsored by Tuff Girl Bootcamps at The Palisades Sports Complex.  After 8 weeks of participating in three 30-minute exercise classes per week with laser- focus on their diets, the following contestants have received their awards for placing first, second, and third in the contest.

3rd Place- The third place finisher was awarded 3 custom interval workout tracks and 3 free workouts to use with those tracks ($100 value).

2nd Place-Julie Marraccini-In 8 weeks, Julie was able to lose 5 pounds on the scale and also lost 7/8” in her waist and 1 1/2” in the hips.  For her second place finish, Julie received 3 custom interval workout tracks, plus 3 free workouts, and one free month to Tuff Girl Bootcamps ($275 value).

1st Place-Brenda Peters-In those 8 short weeks, Brenda was able to lose 6 pounds on the scale and also lost 3 ¼” in her waist and 2 1/2 “ off her hips.

  For her 1st place finish, Brenda wins 2 free months to Tuff Girl Bootcamps, plus 3 custom interval workout tracks, and the 3 free workouts to go with those tracks ($450 value). 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Transformation Contest.  To read about each of these participants’ success stories, go to www.tuffgirlbootcamps.com. 

 There will be another free area-wide Transformation Contest starting Monday, October 18th.  Anyone interested can attend a free orientation on Sunday, October 17th at The Palisades Sports Complex at 3 PM.  A free grocery store tour will follow for all participants.  For more information, email julie@tuffgirlbootcamps.com.